Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Run your business meetings from the comfort of your couch

If you hate travelling across the city for a single meeting, we have a solution for you. HD video conferencing is a simple and effective solution to avoid the long commutes amidst the traffic. Save time and cost with the use of video conferencing for your business and communicate effectively from the comfort of your conference room. Many a times, it happens that certain participants cannot attend a meeting even after various notices. With video web conferencing, your meetings can run as planned and there will be no delays in the important tasks. Video conferencing is ideal for every business and adds convenience for the participants.

With video conferencing, remote working is a realistic option. You can hold a meeting even when you are relaxing by the beach. There is no barrier of time and distance with the unique and technologically advanced method of communication. Chorus Call is a well-known and renowned provider of video conferencing solutions. It is run by a team of technical experts who offer customized solutions based on your business requirement. In addition to providing quick connectivity, it also offers an uninterrupted connection as well as a back end support. It completely eliminates the expenses for the cost of travel and hotel bills. Chorus Call offers its services to various businesses across the globe and the services are affordably priced. You can use your webcam for video conferencing and share files, documents, images in a secure and safe environment. 

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

The Increasing Use Of Video Conferencing In India

The government of India is trying to ensure that every corner of the country heads towards digitization and makes the most of the available technology. With a range of initiatives offered to the users, significant number of consumers has shifted to digital payments in the last one year. To keep up with the changing trends in business, various corporate are adopting a simpler and cost efficient method of communication across different levels. With the use of video conferencing for a business, the managers can hold meetings from anywhere in the world and connect with like minded individuals across the globe. In addition, video conferencing also allows the HR professionals to choose the right candidate for the job without having to travel the distance.

Chorus Call is a leader in video conferencing solutions in India. Considered as a highly reliable service provider, it enables businesses to connect and collaborate with enterprises. It is run by a team of expert technicians who have an experience in the field of information technology. The video conferencing service providers in India cater to the increasing demands of the consumers and provide an uninterrupted connectivity at any hour of the day. With the secure algorithm, it is easy to use and connect with managers across the world. Chorus Call has stood out as one of the most sought after video conferencing services provider in India and is preferred by many users which include multinational organizations, individuals and HR professionals.