Monday, 18 December 2017

Bring Life To Boring Emails With Video Conferencing Software

Communication is considered to be an integral aspect for the growth of a business. It is strongly believed that no business can thrive without efficient internal and external communication. Online video conferencing makes it easier for businesses to communicate across the globe at a lower cost and higher efficiency. Ideal for HR professionals and for managers, the software is built to enable effective communication at a cost efficient rate. It enables holding interviews at upto four locations and also allows a one on one discussion. The software has a simple user interface and does not require any downloads or plugins.

Chorus Call is considered as the best video conferencing software which offers its services across the country. It is known for the efficient services and a friendly interface. The skilled team of technicians is constantly available for back end support and strives for higher customer satisfaction. It offers encryption and passcode protection for secure data and allows individuals to share files, documents and images with ease. Video conferencing software saves on the cost and efforts of the individual and helps them make the most of the latest technology available. The expert solutions allow interactive communication and ensure that the users enjoy the HD video and audio. Considered as the next level of communication, video conferencing is being adapted across the world. It caters to the constant need of expansion of the companies and offers unique solutions to every industry based on their requirements. 

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Expand The Communication Technology In Your Business

Communication is a vital part for every business. It enhances the reach of the business and ensures that it achieves the potential. Communication technology has significantly grown and reached new heights. With the use of video conferencing in business, communication has become quicker, cost efficient and easier. It enables individuals to connect with likeminded people from across the globe, without having to travel the distance. In order to make the most of the business, corporations use the best video conferencing tools available in the market. Chorus Call is a renowned service provider which caters to a range of clients in the industry. It offers efficient video conferencing systems for business and has a complete backend support. It uses the latest technology in order to ensure uninterrupted connection and ease of use.

The system is easy to use and is highly cost efficient as well. Businesses across the globe are using video conferencing for effective communication with individuals by saving time, efforts and cost. The services are provided by highly skilled technicians who have years of experience in the industry and ensure customer satisfaction. Video conferencing events are also taking pace across the country where the events are showcased through video conferencing and it allows individuals to be a part of the same from the comfort of their couch. For every business to grow; it is essential to keep pace with the changing technology and video conferencing leads the communication technology due to the ease of use and a simple interface. 

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Run your business meetings from the comfort of your couch

If you hate travelling across the city for a single meeting, we have a solution for you. HD video conferencing is a simple and effective solution to avoid the long commutes amidst the traffic. Save time and cost with the use of video conferencing for your business and communicate effectively from the comfort of your conference room. Many a times, it happens that certain participants cannot attend a meeting even after various notices. With video web conferencing, your meetings can run as planned and there will be no delays in the important tasks. Video conferencing is ideal for every business and adds convenience for the participants.

With video conferencing, remote working is a realistic option. You can hold a meeting even when you are relaxing by the beach. There is no barrier of time and distance with the unique and technologically advanced method of communication. Chorus Call is a well-known and renowned provider of video conferencing solutions. It is run by a team of technical experts who offer customized solutions based on your business requirement. In addition to providing quick connectivity, it also offers an uninterrupted connection as well as a back end support. It completely eliminates the expenses for the cost of travel and hotel bills. Chorus Call offers its services to various businesses across the globe and the services are affordably priced. You can use your webcam for video conferencing and share files, documents, images in a secure and safe environment. 

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

The Increasing Use Of Video Conferencing In India

The government of India is trying to ensure that every corner of the country heads towards digitization and makes the most of the available technology. With a range of initiatives offered to the users, significant number of consumers has shifted to digital payments in the last one year. To keep up with the changing trends in business, various corporate are adopting a simpler and cost efficient method of communication across different levels. With the use of video conferencing for a business, the managers can hold meetings from anywhere in the world and connect with like minded individuals across the globe. In addition, video conferencing also allows the HR professionals to choose the right candidate for the job without having to travel the distance.

Chorus Call is a leader in video conferencing solutions in India. Considered as a highly reliable service provider, it enables businesses to connect and collaborate with enterprises. It is run by a team of expert technicians who have an experience in the field of information technology. The video conferencing service providers in India cater to the increasing demands of the consumers and provide an uninterrupted connectivity at any hour of the day. With the secure algorithm, it is easy to use and connect with managers across the world. Chorus Call has stood out as one of the most sought after video conferencing services provider in India and is preferred by many users which include multinational organizations, individuals and HR professionals. 

Monday, 23 October 2017

Take your business to a new level with online video conferencing

Technology is the core for the growth of any business. With the increasing innovation across technology and the ease of adaption to any form of business, many businesses are now technology driven. It helps save time and achieve the long term financial goals with ease. Adoption of the latest technology is essential for a business to remain in the market and make its presence felt globally. Online video conferencing is one such technology that is cost efficient and suitable for every form of business. It enables an individual to connect with other individual sitting across the globe. This can be done comfortably from your conference room. You no longer need to travel miles in order to reach out to an individual. Instead, you can arrange a video conference meeting and enjoy the meeting in high quality on your screen.

With the use of video conferencing, it can be possible to hold meetings, arrange interviews as well as be a part of multi panel discussions. It is possible to hold one to one interviews as well as be a part of four multi panels at a time. This enables a business manager to save on time, connect with individuals who are working on the other side of the globe and get the work done in no time. Chorus Call is considered as the best video conferencing software across businesses in the country. It offers a seamless connection and backend support at all times. 

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Enjoy meetings with HD video conferencing from the comfort of your office

For any business, communication and meetings go hand in hand. There is no business that can survive with constant communication. Meetings help the managers discuss crucial areas and help the business grow. To ensure that your business reaches its potential, it is important to adapt to the latest technology and tools available in the market. Although social media has made it easier to connect with individuals across the globe, HD video conferencing is a versatile form of communication that will allow you to connect to managers across the world.

The seamless connectivity and the ability to speak to various individuals from one location make video conferencing unique and effective for a business. A manager no longer needs to travel the breadth of the country to reach out to a likeminded individual. This can be done from the comfort of your own conference room. Now enjoy video web conferencing with the services of Chorus Call. Chorus Call caters to the needs of various companies and industries that have multinational operations and are constantly connected with employees located across the globe. It offers effective video conferencing solutions to businesses and ensures complete backend support. Video conferencing is cost effective, saves time and also allows quick resolution of problems. It is used by various managers to conduct conference meetings and has a simple user interface; it is equally secure and protects your business information. Adapt the best method of communication today!

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Enjoy Best In Class Video Conferencing Experience

For any business, meetings are an integral part. No business can be performed without discussions and meetings. In order to make your meetings easier, Chorus Call offers best in class software which is easy to use and has a seamless connectivity. It is not possible for managers to travel to every location and cater to the business needs. The advent of technology has brought about a change in the way business managers communicate. Hence, online video conferencing helps discuss business and grow the business across different geographical locations. Video conferencing in Delhi has enabled various businesses to save time and the cost of operations. They no longer need to travel to far off locations in order to hold a meeting.

With Chorus Call, you will be able to connect with an individual sitting miles away, with just one click. It provides complete security and has an uninterrupted connection. Business can expand and reach out to wider horizons with video conferencing. Delhi is considered as the hub for business, with a range of multinational corporations and startups emerging in the city. Online video conferencing will change the entire meeting experience and allow the businesses to expand in terms of their reach. The easy to use software does not require any downloads or additional plug ins. It allows one on one interviews as well as multi panel interviews. Ideal for businesses and events in Delhi, video conferencing is considered to be a versatile form of communication. 

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Complete video conferencing software for HR professionals

Visual contact has a larger appeal than a verbal conversation. Visual contact enhances communication and allows an individual to learn about the confidence level, personality as well as the body language of another individual. Innovative technology has made it possible for visual contact to be accessible in no time. Digital video conferencing is a form of video conferencing which allows you to connect with individuals across the globe in a quick and efficient manner. It saves on time as well as the cost. Video conferencing software is designed with the latest tools and technology and strives to provide a user friendly interface and seamless connectivity.

Chorus Call is an expert service provider for video conferencing and offers the best video conferencing software for HR professionals. With this software, you can hold interviews at up to 4 locations and ensure that you are choosing the best candidate for the post. They provide technical support at the back end and ensure that there is no interruption in the video conference. It is a worldwide leader in the manufacture and design of multi point conferencing and ensures world class conferencing services on a global scale. With the use of digital video conferencing, the candidates do not need to travel to the location of the office which can save on the time and cost. In addition, it will provide a wider choice in terms of the applicants and you can choose the most suitable candidate for the job. 

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Useful video conferencing software for HR Professionals

With a constant innovation in technology, various effective and convenient communication systems are being developed. Video conferencing in one such method that allows a quick and hassle free way of connecting with people across the world. Video conferencing is considered as one of the most sought after methods for effective communication that has a minimum requirement of tools. Businesses are achieving an edge in the industry with the use of this tool that allows them to conduct meetings, hold interviews and connect with people across the globe. Video conferencing interview is one of the easiest and simplest forms of conducting interviews by the HR professionals. It adds to the convenience and allows the HR professional to connect with individuals who are residing miles away.

A Video conference interview allows the applicant to be connected with different professionals who are located at different offices. The applicant no longer needs to travel to the interview location which saves on a lot of time and money. In addition, the HR professional can connect with a diverse group of applicants located across the country and choose the best and most eligible applicant for the job. 

Video conferencing in Delhi has gained recognition and appreciation since it connects the businesses across the globe and allows meetings to be held without having to travel long distances. Many companies in Delhi itself hold video conference meetings to carry out their business discussions and operations. Video conference is considered as one of the easiest and most convenient methods of conducting business meeting and holding interviews. 

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

The Best Video Conferencing software to make it easy for busy HR Professionals

Since the past few years, video conferencing has gained popularity among business, corporate, enterprises, and HR Professionals. There are various business organizations who are using video conferencing services for virtual communication. These video conferencing systems for business help organization to hold quick conferences and meetings with its staff, clients, and customers.

These conferencing programs help to produce HD quality video communication among the participants, regardless of the locations of the users. With the reduction in the prices of these video conferencing systems, the technology is gaining a faster popularity and a high rise in demand. Earlier video conferencing was very expensive and could be afforded only by the big and medium sized organizations. But the reduced prices have now brought this software well within the reach of organizations of all sizes. The best thing about office video conferencing is that you can effortlessly share and discuss ideas without having to worry about the traveling. It also saves the time and facilities to take quick decisions during the time of emergency. In addition, it is especially helpful for HR professionals as it helps to conduct multiple interviews at one go.

Since it saves a lot of your time, it brings better results to your company. Moreover, it facilitates you to make quicker decisions and hence allow you to stay ahead of your competitors in the corporate world. Video conferencing offers virtually endless benefits for business communications. However, in order to make the most out of this technology, it is important that a good quality video conferencing system and services be used by the organizations.

Video conferencing has evolved a lot ever since its introduction. It has done a remarkable job of bridging the gap between companies and clients. Although, you can even communicate over the phone, but face-to-face interaction is more effective and more importantly, it helps in strengthening the bond between the boss, employees and clients likewise. Moreover, there are a number of video conferencing providers offering some of the best conferencing services and Chorus Call is one of them. 

Monday, 10 July 2017

Online Video Conferencing – The Perfect Means to Hold Multiple Interviews for the HR Manager

Every business owner who is looking to take their business to a new height must have online video conferencing at their disposal. You just can’t imagine the number of potential clients and business partners it will help you to fetch from all over the world. There are scores of things that you can accomplish by means of the online video conferencing. The most important one, of course, is its ability to hold multiple interviews for the HR manager. Following are some its eminent benefits by which you can grow your business significantly.

Superior Collaboration

Getting more than a few people to collaborate on a document can be an off-putting task. Handing out copies and merging its various versions can be a little annoying and also time-consuming. However, with the aid of online conference meeting, everyone taking part in the meeting can look at the same document at the same time and give their invaluable remarks in real time.

Save Money

The business video conferencing services can definitely save your travel-related expenses by holding virtual meetings. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about gathering everyone into a room to hold a productive meeting or training workshop. In fact, it can also save you a huge amount telephone bills since the audio will be conveyed through the internet.

Boost Up the Productivity

With the assistance of online video conferencing services, you can certainly have a much better and geographically dispersed workforce. Online video conferencing can enhance the overall structure of your business to a great extent given that its members are spread out.

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Take Your Business a Step Further using Video Conferencing Software for HR Interviews

Over the last few years, video conferencing has gained the trust of business, corporate and ventures enormously. Nowadays, the businesses are making use of the video conferencing software for virtual communication, and these software facilitate organizations to hold quick conferences and meetings with its employees, clients, merchants, and customers. In particular, it is useful for the HR manager to carry out multiple interviews.

These software programs help massively in producing the high-definition videos amongst the participants, irrespective of the location of the users (Staff, Clients, Vendors, and Customers). There are quite a lot of service providers in the market today, who are offering great solutions to make their clients get satisfied using their product. One such video conferencing services providers in India is Chorus Call. Trusted the world over, Chorus Call always emphasizes on quality of service, customer care, and strong tech support to meet the needs of our customers. Besides the world-class conferencing and customer care, Chorus Call focuses on developing customized and ground-breaking conferencing tools for its valued customers. Chorus Call’s state-of-the-art video conferencing platforms facilitate one on one video interactions or multi-panel interviews proficiently to save valuable time, energy & resources on strenuous travel & accommodation. Following are some of the eminent benefits of Chorus Call’s video conferencing software:

  • It helps to hold interviews instantly with up to 4 locations.
  • The technical support helpdesk ensures reliability and peace of mind.
  • Taking the privacy into consideration, there is the encryption and passcode protection for secure meetings.
  • Most importantly it can control your costs with unlimited usage at a flat monthly charge.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Video Conferencing Software Meant for the Regular Business Travelers

The video conferencing was initially confined for a meeting room, where all the participants who are taking part in the meeting ought to log-in through boardrooms. Nowadays, in most of the organizations there are business folks who often travel from one place to another for business purposes. Let’s suppose if an executive is out of town or in travel, and he/she wants to attend the conference and share vital documents. In such circumstances, it is simply impossible for him/her to attend the conference with hardware video conferencing. The most common complication that a business traveler faces during the business trip is improper communication. Such business executives become unable to explain or share the modifications or business proposals via phone or e-mail. In such cases, the role of video conferencing software becomes imperative.
By means of the video conferencing software, the business traveler can immediately share any type of data. Moreover, the executives will be able to attend the conference and can even transfer any kind of documents to all or selected participants. Contrasting to the conventional video conferencing, this software enables the users to share or play the graphics file within seconds with the bare minimum bandwidth. Here are some more its advantages for frequent business travelers:
·         Minimizes the cost of executives who ought to give sales presentations or attend the corporate meetings while traveling.
·         The users can transfer any kind of computer generated material such as text files, excel files or PDF files.
·         Complex free and cost-effective means of communication.
If you are looking to hold interviews instantly with up to 4 locations then opt for the Chorus Call. With its state-of-the-art communication tool, Chorus Call is widely regarded as the best video conferencing service providers in India.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Emphasize on the Benefits of a Video Conferencing System

Of late the video conferencing system for business has emerged as a real time communication tool for professionals, especially for the application of HR interviews. It is a perfect blend of audio, video, and computer technology that allows people to connect in real time regardless of their geographical locations and time zones. Without a doubt, it makes the communication exciting for users by providing them access to top class sound and full motion video effects.  

Nowadays, the video conferencing in Delhi or elsewhere has become a fairly effortless means for the participants. Each participant gets the exceptional opportunity to hear and see other participants without any interruption for hours. There exist a number of high-tech video conferencing platforms that facilitate the clients with one on one video interaction or multi-panel interviews which eventually saves time, energy and resources. Although, the video conferencing system has innumerable features, but here are some of the important ones cited below:

  •  No unknown software to download, make it simple for the attendees. You only have to click on a link to log into your video conference.
  •   Can hold interviews at once with up to 4 locations.
  • Full audio and video capabilities.
  •  Passcode protection, a very useful privacy feature.
  • Desktop sharing, a key feature for effective teamwork.
The video conferencing gives the users numerous choices for securing the competitive edge. When employees or business associates make use of the video conferencing system, they are able to share messages more rapidly. As a result, more wise decisions are taken which eventually minimize both the time and price required to promote new services and products. 

Thursday, 18 May 2017

The Importance of Video Conferencing Services

The primary objective of every dynamic business is to save time and money. Video conferencing services offer the most pioneering tools available in today’s fast-paced marketplace to fulfill both these goals. By utilizing the benefits of this face to face communication system from the comfort of their office and homes, entrepreneurs have an opportunity to achieve overwhelming success in time management and financial savings. In today’s time, it has become quite common for many businesses that have offices set up all around the country or across the world to hold meetings online using these video conferencing services. This is because all that is required in this is a good internet connection along with a browser that one can log on to and either host or participate in such meetings.

Video conferencing could prove out to be one of an essential time leveraging business tools of the 21st century. It was seen to be a luxury once used only by the large companies, but video conferencing systems for businesses are now beginning to change the landscape of how businesses communicate with both the employees and its clients. In simple terms, video conferencing allows two individuals who are miles apart to effectively communicate with one another as if they are sitting in the same room. Such high-tech systems used in today’s modern times can now connect multiple parties across multiple continents in real time and excellent video and audio.

These video conferencing events are quite cost effective and an efficient mode of communication that is available for operation on industry standard equipment providing browser-based interaction that offers complete moderator monitoring and control. This modern tool gives moderators the ability to control attendance, time, content and frequency of the meetings conducted. This communication tool allows the moderator the freedom to invite participants of their choice while being able to deny access to all those whose presence is not welcomed. Some of the advantages of a video conferencing event are:

  1.  It bases its success and the success of its operators on connecting people with the services that are required by them in order to operate effectively and with little effort and minimum investment.
  2. Businesses taking advantage of such communication tools are able to improvise and improve their operations.
  3. Meetings can be held with selected participants at any place either well planned in advance or spontaneously.
  4. The ability to share, coordinate and evaluate digital and audio presentations from the other side can be done within seconds.
  5. Often saves money by reducing or eliminating the need for others to travel to a pre-determined site to attend a conference.
  6. Able to hold meetings in a reliable manner on regular basis

Video conferencing services are just the right thing for every business related event like product launches, seminars, staff meetings, product training and more.