Monday, 10 July 2017

Online Video Conferencing – The Perfect Means to Hold Multiple Interviews for the HR Manager

Every business owner who is looking to take their business to a new height must have online video conferencing at their disposal. You just can’t imagine the number of potential clients and business partners it will help you to fetch from all over the world. There are scores of things that you can accomplish by means of the online video conferencing. The most important one, of course, is its ability to hold multiple interviews for the HR manager. Following are some its eminent benefits by which you can grow your business significantly.

Superior Collaboration

Getting more than a few people to collaborate on a document can be an off-putting task. Handing out copies and merging its various versions can be a little annoying and also time-consuming. However, with the aid of online conference meeting, everyone taking part in the meeting can look at the same document at the same time and give their invaluable remarks in real time.

Save Money

The business video conferencing services can definitely save your travel-related expenses by holding virtual meetings. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about gathering everyone into a room to hold a productive meeting or training workshop. In fact, it can also save you a huge amount telephone bills since the audio will be conveyed through the internet.

Boost Up the Productivity

With the assistance of online video conferencing services, you can certainly have a much better and geographically dispersed workforce. Online video conferencing can enhance the overall structure of your business to a great extent given that its members are spread out.

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Take Your Business a Step Further using Video Conferencing Software for HR Interviews

Over the last few years, video conferencing has gained the trust of business, corporate and ventures enormously. Nowadays, the businesses are making use of the video conferencing software for virtual communication, and these software facilitate organizations to hold quick conferences and meetings with its employees, clients, merchants, and customers. In particular, it is useful for the HR manager to carry out multiple interviews.

These software programs help massively in producing the high-definition videos amongst the participants, irrespective of the location of the users (Staff, Clients, Vendors, and Customers). There are quite a lot of service providers in the market today, who are offering great solutions to make their clients get satisfied using their product. One such video conferencing services providers in India is Chorus Call. Trusted the world over, Chorus Call always emphasizes on quality of service, customer care, and strong tech support to meet the needs of our customers. Besides the world-class conferencing and customer care, Chorus Call focuses on developing customized and ground-breaking conferencing tools for its valued customers. Chorus Call’s state-of-the-art video conferencing platforms facilitate one on one video interactions or multi-panel interviews proficiently to save valuable time, energy & resources on strenuous travel & accommodation. Following are some of the eminent benefits of Chorus Call’s video conferencing software:

  • It helps to hold interviews instantly with up to 4 locations.
  • The technical support helpdesk ensures reliability and peace of mind.
  • Taking the privacy into consideration, there is the encryption and passcode protection for secure meetings.
  • Most importantly it can control your costs with unlimited usage at a flat monthly charge.